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I give up

I give up

Love has no room for me

I tried it again and it failed

no need to feel for me

its nothing out of the ordinary

So, I’ll just keep it cordial

no need to jump to conclusions

love is nothing but confusion

the most difficult task of all

is finding true love in a world

full of detachment

commitment fear

superficial standards

& unrealistic expectations

I loved I lost I digress

I give up




My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory

My hair was created to give God glory
nor for you to gawk & stare at only
to run & tell your story of how my
hair was untamed, wild & ugly
Yeah I heard you over there laughing
about how I don’t look right, but the
truth is you just need to get your
mind right because

My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory

My hair grows towards the same hills
from which comes your help & it
reaches in the same direction your
hands never seem to reach to in church
See my hair has a love relationship with
they sun & it’s continually in worship because

My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory

My hair is an extension that connects
directly with the father and there is a
continuous worship service playing in
my head. Our hair is a direct extension
of our bodies nervous system, my hair
is an antenna and that’s why up above
my head I hear music in the air.

My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory
My hair was created to give God glory

So, their is no standard nor judgement
no corporate dress code, nor belief
no doctrine, nor ideal that will force me
to change my hair. No my hair is not stressed
so it doesn’t need a relaxer. No it’s not a wild
beast, so it doesn’t need to be tamed. No it is
not a dog so it doesn’t need to be trained.

How can we love the tree but destroy our roots?
God said my was perfect so I suggest you
believe the same because…………….

My hair was created to give God glory

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He’s beautiful…………………………

Dark chocolate skin kissed by the sun, he is a King, African by blood, a man by DNA, my love by faith and all that I hoped for by divine purpose. I heard about him on a day i received counsel for myself, then I imagined him in between the lines of the paper in my journal, he was written into words and formed by sentences, before i ever saw his face he was picture perfect to me, developed in Gods dark room from film made of dust and i loved him even though i didn’t  know him, but i knew he was mine.  
I wasn’t looking for him………………………..
He manifested before my eyes on a cool winters morning under the Senegalese sunrise it was like seeing a new born baby for the first time I was in awe of him & I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I studied him like it was finals week and I was determined to ace his test, no this was no cram session this was full fledged research, double spaced, 10 pages APA format with credible sources  See I was serious about this assignment.
He’s like a dream to me………….
He’s everything I hoped for gentle in nature, but all man inside and out. Loving and kind yet firm with his words and his hand. He loves God and his family, he operates in his God given gifts, I trust him as if I’ve always known him. There’s no fear whenever he is near, he’s my praying warrior, the priest of my household, my protector, my covering, the the lover of my mind and body and I am his devoted queen
He’s real…………
He really does exist ….No hidden agendas, No games, No lies, No ifs and No buts. Just him and I and the promises we made to each other unfolding before our eyes, pure unadulterated love

Its Not You

I know its not you

and I’m ok with that

yeah I tried to hang on and on and on and on
but I’ve decieded to let go of this invisible
rope called your love & go on with my life.

Too many internet boo’s have hit my inbox
with the same tired lines you’ve said to me.

Too many lies for no reason at all & too
many excuses to continue to put my heart on
the line all for a man with nothing

Nothing to enhance my life, nothing to make
me smile, nothing to offer me security, Nothing
but grief and lies.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways
so with that being said let me steer clear of
your way and turn the other direction

I’m going towards the way of love, truth, hope,
charity & faithfulness. Towards the way you lost

Yeah I’m sure its not you

and I’m ok with that

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Gone are the days of loyalty to another
We stay more faithful to inanimate
Objects than real people with hearts

We go after the lust of our flesh
Instead of the God given best
We treat love like an emotion
Written in pencil easily erasable

We ditch honesty for facades
And lies creating piles of mess
Where ever we reside leaving
Residue and fingerprints behind

Gone are the days of endurance
We rather give up than carry on
Settle for convenience instead
Of what we need, a quick fix
No commitment please

How I feel is all that matters
But the truth of what it is
Is never chattered left in
Silence locked behind doors

Never to deal with the real
Not wanting to see the heart
Of the matter, to afraid to
Believe because of what
Other people may banter

Yet we say we want the real
But we stay screaming Eff how
You feel and continue to
Just deal with the falsity
Of the thing that’s real