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Be Irreplaceable.

I just saw these words flash across the TV screen and I think to myself oh God how do you do that!!

Tears run down my face & every ending of a relationship runs swiftly through my head. How does one accomplish irreplaceability in ones life from love to career. How does that get on your list of accomplishments. I mean is that something you put on your vision board, is there 10 step plan, is there a lecture I can listen to, is there a book I can read, is there a seminar or conference I can attend, is there DVD/CD series I can buy, dies it come packaged in a box, can I go to Macy’s and buy it, does it come in a bottle, can it be found next to the fountain of youth in the middle of the garden of Eden, is it just a figment of ones imagination, is it only set a side for those who are special or maybe there is a irreplaceable gene people get when they’re born.

I’m no stranger to heartache we’ve become fairly aquatinted, more than I ever really wanted. Lately it’s the only consistent thing in my life and I’m not sure how to break away from it. I give, I love, & I try to be a good friend, but heartache still beckons to be my friend.

Be Irreplaceable………… I’m still laughing to myself about that statement. I ask again how do I get to be irreplaceable?


Untitled – 10

Love me now or don’t love me at all
time is constantly moving there’s no time to stall
you moved when I stumbled when you were supposed to break my fall
trust was the framing of the house you destroyed that you said we built on love
now you leave me exposed un-covered and no protection from my SUN
so, now it’s time for me to pick up the pieces and travel this lonely road of recovery
where I find shards of honey scattered along the way enough to sweeten the day
enough to continue my way back to me
the me I lost when I gave me to you
the me that I was always supposed to be
the me you met before there was an us
yeah that’s right you know her she’s the me the way the most high God created me to be