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Je vous croyais
Je croyais en notre amour
Je croyais en votre mensonge
Il suffit de l’accepter, vous avez dit
Non, il vous aime ils ont dit
Ensuite, la vérité est révélée
Je me retrouve avec pas de réponse
aucune compréhension
aucune revoir
Il n’est pas tenu
rien du tout


Before I Slumber 5

Today was a good day

I slept in

I washed clothes

Spent time with friends

Spent time with my father

The night came full circle

good friends good laughs

Bonfire and drum circle

The fire, the djembe and congas

Ignited memories of you

I shed a few tears as I glared into the fire

I miss you

My heart aches for you

God I just want to know why

I need to hear your voice & see your face

I love you

So now I prepare for bed


Before I slumber 4

It was a quiet day
Especially at work
Spent some time with my father
Pleasantly surprised my systar is in town
Catch up on old times
Shed a few tears & smiled for new life coming forth
Ate a couple of chicken wings
Laughed hysterically
Home at last
Not a moment went by today without him on my mind
Ready for my shower
Then off to pray and meditate
Good night world
Bonne nuit mon roi
Nob nala

Before I Slumber 3

Before I slumber 3
Today was good
I focused on my business
Posting and what not
Work was slow and easy
I thought about him all day
Still trying to make sense of this
It was suggested to let you go
But I’m not sure if I can
About to shower
Pray to the most high
Give thanks for his mercy & grace
Ask for protection for you
And direction for us
And go to sleep
Bonsoir monde
Bonsoir mon roi
Je me manqué lui
Nob Nala

Silent Tears

Spent the day in silence, I couldn’t hear a thing
well, at least what I wanted to hear
People were talking to me but their words
fell on death ears

I waited to hear the familiar sound
of the smoothness of your voice
but to no avail my hopes were
drowned, drowned in the tears

The silent tears that fill my eyes
creating waterfalls on my face
the sound of the tears drown
out the thoughts of pleasantries
and love shared between us

Only creating puddles filled with
the reflections of moments shared
with you. Moments of peace and
relaxation so why the silent treatment

I await to hear the sound that will
rescue me from this silent prison
where but there is no trace of your
voice & no sighting of your love

So, I cry aloud silent tears