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It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a long time

since the last time I was held

hand to thigh

back to chest

lips to neck

leg to leg

intertwined betwixt these thighs of mine


It’s been a long time

since the last time I felt special

long distance love

face to face feels better

no more kisses through the phone

real kisses are much wetter

this is only temporary

weekend getaway

but I don’t want it to end


It’s been a long time

since I felt the way when I 1st loved you

I’ll just enjoy what this is now

too afraid to say lets give it another try

too afraid to say I still love you

and I couldn’t stop if I tried

but instead I’ll settle for this weekend visit

enjoy the laughs, the cuddles & the love

don’t want to mess up and crash


It’s been a long time

and I want to make these moments last


The End

My hope was it would be me & you
but I see it will never be true
Loving you hasn’t been easy
nor will forgetting you
I tried to show you that
its you that I want but
I guess its this thing called
distance that’s too much for
a love to sustain.

I was told to fight for what
I want but its not worth it
if the battle is fought alone
I dreamed of sharing long
early mornings with the aroma
of fresh brewed coffee with a
shot of southern comfort & long
sultry Georgia nights with
you, laughing & talking like
we always do, but that is now
far from true.

I see you like your coffee strong
with a double shot of tequila. I’ve
never been much of a drinker so with
that I would never be able to hang
So, I relinquish my love from you
once again, no need to say sorry
lets just call it what it is
the end…………….

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

To The Lover In Me

This to the lover in me…To the woman who longs for one to share her heart with, but afraid to love again.
Too many lies
Too many broken promises
Too much hurt & pain
Too many whispers of delectable words preceding from soft lips followed by gentle kisses

I love you endlessly ended with but this is the end of you and me
I love you dearly ended with its not you it’s me
I told her to leave me alone ends with its her I want and her alone
So, instead of being the hopeless romantic, I go on in this journey as the loveless romantic

To hear your voice is like torture, but I can’t delete your voicenotes
To see your face is like pain, but I can’t delete your pictures
Receiving your text are heart piercing, but I can’t tell you to stop
To still hear you say you love me is deafening but you still remain with her

The question still remains did you really love me? If you ever decide to tell me
I don’t think I would be able to believe you, because if you did you’d be here with me
You should never throw your pearls to the swine they say, but its ok because you seem to like laying with one just fine.
This is to the lover in me the one who gave love endlessly to a man who lied only to get a part of the best of me

The Color of My Love

The color of my love is Black
Never ending, deep & seamless

The color of my love is White
Pure, innocent & sacred

The color of my love is Purple
Royal, Majestic & Expensive

The color of my love is Red
Passionate, Hot & Sexy

The color of my love is Brown
Rich, velvety & calm

The color of my love is Green
Environmentally Friendly, Lush & growing

The color of my love is Blue
Oceanic vast, calming southern comfort & made just for you

Anticipating your arrival…………

So, my boo is coming to visit me. I’ve decided to date again after a year of healing from my last relationship. I call him my Southern Comfort because he’s from Georgia and his sexy voice is comforting to my soul. We officially have 4 days left until I get to indulge in his kisses and warm embrace. I’m so ready to just be in his presence I could scream!! Tonight I went to my favorite place the Urban Spirit Cafe and participated in a event they have called the Brush Experience.

At the Brush Experience there is live music and painting! You can paint your own canvas and help paint the mural they have set up to be painted by number. So, I told my boo I would paint him something special and this is what I came up with below and if I say so myself it’s pretty darn good LOL!! I will keep 1 half and he will keep the other half! He was so happy when I sent him the pics Im so glad  he likes it.

I Love You Mr. Henton and I anticipate  your arrival……………….