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The beginning and the end of my day start the same

With an English/Nigerian accent

with a warm greeting & encouraging words

thoughts about business

we share the events of the day

then good morning or good night

we shall talk later





My Fave

My favorite part of you is your mind,
more powerful than any part of your physical.
Your mind…..
the first thing I fell in love with
before I even saw the Physical you.
Your mind….
A mans best tool

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

Just a harmless crush…….

I’ve been single now for a year and maybe within the last few months have I been ready to consider dating again. I needed time to heal from the last relationship and get me together. My friends and family think I have 2 secret boyfriends, but I just have a crush and someone I love to flirt with.

First there is my #Twittercrush who is also my bruh in my organization, he just has something about him that makes me blush when I see his avatar, text, or when I saw him on video chat. I think he’s just unattainable to me so I enjoy the excitement of having a crush on him. Some have said we would make a good couple but I don’t think he’s that interested I just like to talk stuff to him. He seems to be kind of shy so I affectionately call him my shy guy. If I ever get to meet him I probably would just giggle like a school girl.

My other boo is another one of my bruhs who is a very sexy  young but ready hot item!! He has so so so much going for him, you couldn’t ask for a better man. I’m not even sure how the flirting started but he gives me inspiration to write very poetic short writings to him. He also does the same to me. He calls me his Universe and he’s my galaxy. It probably would be a dangerous situation for me to be near this one in person he’s really so darn sexy and the Lord knows I want to stay saved lol

Im glad I can actually have a crush and not be like some women who are hurt and become bitter and angry with men. All men didn’t hurt me just the few that didn’t know how to treat me.

Until next time,