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It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a long time

since the last time I was held

hand to thigh

back to chest

lips to neck

leg to leg

intertwined betwixt these thighs of mine


It’s been a long time

since the last time I felt special

long distance love

face to face feels better

no more kisses through the phone

real kisses are much wetter

this is only temporary

weekend getaway

but I don’t want it to end


It’s been a long time

since I felt the way when I 1st loved you

I’ll just enjoy what this is now

too afraid to say lets give it another try

too afraid to say I still love you

and I couldn’t stop if I tried

but instead I’ll settle for this weekend visit

enjoy the laughs, the cuddles & the love

don’t want to mess up and crash


It’s been a long time

and I want to make these moments last


Morning poem #1

Interrupted slumber
Several times during the night
My thoughts of you wake me
So I must call you
Unanswered calls
Sent straight to voicemail
Disappointment sets in
No effort goes unnoticed
Orders to fulfill
The sun penetrates my blinds
Rays of sunshine on my face
Time to get up and start today’s race
FB check
Email check
Text msg check
Nothing from you check
Kanye shrug
The day will continue


Random shoutouts and ignored actions
Create thoughts of doubt
Because of how you’re acting

Freely given love leaves me with
Unanswered calls, because the phone
Is now unplugged


Is answered with a smile

No more random what or how you doings
Just silent mornings I use to look forward
To and some lonely nights cuz I wanna talk to you

I ask the million dollar question is this getting to hard for you
No, everything is fine, the distance doesn’t isn’t that hard

But my heart tells me otherwise because your time &
My time are not speant as much during what use to be our time.

You’re supposed to be different, u prove me wrong

I give you my all but now I only get some of you in return

Just be honest if this not for you, say it!! let me move on don’t spare my feelings because now they’ve been hurt to long

So the pain is numbing to this once tenderheart too much lying nerve damage and not enough truth, too many broken promises and not enough follow through, too much make believe with thirsty lust, and not enough pure love

I wanna cry but my eyes won’t allow me because I can’t afford to have my vision blurred so I can continue my lifes mission


Smooth melodies flow from your mouth
through the airways across highways
and by-ways swiftly landing at my
door slowly but surely making its
way to my room on the 2nd floor

An express need for touch is conveyed
through the tones in your voice. I can’t
help but reciprocate the way you feel
wishing for a moment you could just
reach out and touch……

Soft whispers sing songs of love with
lyrics written in your name, sensual
outburst of passions delight for the one
I call my king beckoning to your every call

Fulfilling your immediate need for the
Queen to have one night with the King
as we misbehave on the phone.