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The beginning and the end of my day start the same

With an English/Nigerian accent

with a warm greeting & encouraging words

thoughts about business

we share the events of the day

then good morning or good night

we shall talk later





I Wish He Knew

Mind twisted & boggled
By the mention of your name
While in your presence I suffer….
From a state of euphoric pleasure
That can only be likened to a drug like high
You have me stoned….
I call you my kryptonite
Nothing else matters
All fears & worries are gone
Whenever I’m near you
You have my undivided attention
But I wish there was one thing that you knew
I wish he knew that
When he speaks his voice paralyzes me
And his poetic banter homilies & similes
Make sweet love to my ear drums causing
Orgasmic eruptions in my mind.
I wish he knew that
He was and is the reason my poetry I started readin
I wish he knew
That I hang on to every haiku, every sonnet, & free verse
He’s ever spoken in my presence
As if he’s written them just for me
I wish he knew
That sometimes it’s really more than
His words that I’m attracted to
but the large frame of his body the detail of his physique
the one on one conversations when we speak
I wish he knew that his stage presence sends
Electrifying chills down my spine when I see him
I wish he knew that
My mind won’t allow me to tell him
So I’ll just keep my school girlish
Crush to myself snap & clap when
I see you on stage yell out rewind when
You say a dope line and still wish he knew

Untitled – 11

You intrigue me
Your brown eyes look deep into me
Past my fears and the walls I put up to hide my heart
I want to trust you, but my own thoughts fight against
Each other putting my heart against my mind, I don’t
Want to waste your time and hold off on
The meeting of two that happens to be me and you
meet on false Evidence Appearing as Real better known
To most as FEAR. You invade my thoughts daily and you
Intercept my dreams slowly working your way into my
Subconscious mind so without effort I think of you
It’s you I want to know this gentle hearted smart mouth
That I now call my friend I need to be closer to you and
I can’t wait to spend hours with you talking and laughing
Cuddling and maybe some loving that day can’t come soon