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Be Irreplaceable.

I just saw these words flash across the TV screen and I think to myself oh God how do you do that!!

Tears run down my face & every ending of a relationship runs swiftly through my head. How does one accomplish irreplaceability in ones life from love to career. How does that get on your list of accomplishments. I mean is that something you put on your vision board, is there 10 step plan, is there a lecture I can listen to, is there a book I can read, is there a seminar or conference I can attend, is there DVD/CD series I can buy, dies it come packaged in a box, can I go to Macy’s and buy it, does it come in a bottle, can it be found next to the fountain of youth in the middle of the garden of Eden, is it just a figment of ones imagination, is it only set a side for those who are special or maybe there is a irreplaceable gene people get when they’re born.

I’m no stranger to heartache we’ve become fairly aquatinted, more than I ever really wanted. Lately it’s the only consistent thing in my life and I’m not sure how to break away from it. I give, I love, & I try to be a good friend, but heartache still beckons to be my friend.

Be Irreplaceable………… I’m still laughing to myself about that statement. I ask again how do I get to be irreplaceable?


I give up

I give up

Love has no room for me

I tried it again and it failed

no need to feel for me

its nothing out of the ordinary

So, I’ll just keep it cordial

no need to jump to conclusions

love is nothing but confusion

the most difficult task of all

is finding true love in a world

full of detachment

commitment fear

superficial standards

& unrealistic expectations

I loved I lost I digress

I give up



It’s funny how life works sometimes, you want something, you go after it you get it and then you find out that it comes with things you didn’t expect.

So, what do you do with it because you did really want it but you didn’t expect to have to deal with the difficulty & work that came with it.

The easy way out is to discard it or walk away from it but depending on What it is, you may find that abandoning it may be more of an issue than working with it or fixing it.

Then if you decide to try to repair it or work with it there is a place in that moment when you will have to take the time to learn it, study it, & analyze it because you did chose it so you own it in a sense.

It represents what you desire. It represents who you are right now in life. It represents who you are becoming. It represents your visible and hidden flaws in your character. It essentially is you in the form of a person place or thing.

It maybe great to some and crappy to others. It may need improvement or a full make over. It may need restoration. It may need love. It may be it’s best or it may be it’s worst. It can be transformed, it can be healed, it can be destroyed.

Whatever your it is accept it and do with it what needs to be done to the best of your God given ability because It may be the door to your destiny or it can be the life you never thought could be. It could be the end of something so you can begin it. Feed it, nourish it, prune it, burn it, restart it, start it, stop it, work it, give it, relinquish it, take it, receive it, open it, close it, stomp it, beat it, catch it, teach it, love it, live in it, write it, star in it, sang it, scream it, dammit just do it

Unapologetically be whatever, use whatever, love whatever, do whatever, it was meant to be


Life develops in stages

from conception to death

we all live to complete an

inevitable cycle.


Your life may be longer

and yours maybe shorter

than my life but the cycle

still remains.


Some believe that you live

to die but there are some that

believe that you die to live. No

matter the belief the only thing

that remains true is that

you live & you die

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

I grew up in a black home

I grew up in a black home
When I was born I was the cutest
chocolate baby you ever saw,
except for when I cried is what
they’ve said but that was ok
cuz I’m mommas lil baby

I grew up in a black home
Now I’m 2yrs old
I can walk and I can run
I get my hands tapped when
I do something wrong
no no no don’t do that but
its ok cuz I’m mommas lil boo

I grew up in a black home
now I’m 3yrs old
I talk a whole lot more
and the TV watches me
I cry, I scream, I get into everything
I want my way but then I hear
momma say ‘You betta sit yo
lil black ass down & shut up’

I grew up in a black home
now I’m 10 yrs old
I hang outside with my friends
but now its time to come in
I don’t want to I’m having
so much fun! laughing and
talking at my girl Tiffany’s
house but then I hear
‘You betta get yo ass in this
house I know you see them
damn street lights on’

I grew up in a black home
I’m 16 now
shoot I’m almost grown
YAY!! I can drive now!
Me and my girls go to
the CLC skating party
gotta be in by 12am man
my momma is trippin
the party ends at 11:30
and I have to take them home!
I walk in at 12:30…she screams….
‘Where the hell you been’
Me: at the party I yelled
‘Who the hell you yelling at’
she yells followed by
a strong left and a quick right
I’m laying on the floor

Fast forward 14yrs
I grew up in a black home
now I’m 30yrs old
my mom stays with me
she yells: ‘why you leave
your clothes on the damn floor’

Me: Its my floor and my room
why does it matter lady
she yells: I don’t know who the
hell you think you’re talking to but
I’ll slap the shit out of you’

Me: Lady I’m grown

I grew up in a black home