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The beginning and the end of my day start the same

With an English/Nigerian accent

with a warm greeting & encouraging words

thoughts about business

we share the events of the day

then good morning or good night

we shall talk later





Untitled – 11

You intrigue me
Your brown eyes look deep into me
Past my fears and the walls I put up to hide my heart
I want to trust you, but my own thoughts fight against
Each other putting my heart against my mind, I don’t
Want to waste your time and hold off on
The meeting of two that happens to be me and you
meet on false Evidence Appearing as Real better known
To most as FEAR. You invade my thoughts daily and you
Intercept my dreams slowly working your way into my
Subconscious mind so without effort I think of you
It’s you I want to know this gentle hearted smart mouth
That I now call my friend I need to be closer to you and
I can’t wait to spend hours with you talking and laughing
Cuddling and maybe some loving that day can’t come soon

You – Terza Rima 2

Just because he loves me he gave me you
Not because I’m worthy he gave me you
So because he’s worthy I praise him for you

Untitled 4

When he looks at me I see forever, I feel like a star hung up in the sky for him to admire. Studying me from head to toe in a daze of astonishment

When he talks to me I hear leave you no I will never, his every word is hand crafted, exclusively chosen, set aside for me. Words of love, encouragement & sometimes extacy.

When he holds me I feel like his life endeavor, his arms feels like the safest place on earth shielded & protected I am his dove he is my covering hiding me in his clefts he’s my rock