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The beginning and the end of my day start the same

With an English/Nigerian accent

with a warm greeting & encouraging words

thoughts about business

we share the events of the day

then good morning or good night

we shall talk later





Before I slumber 4

It was a quiet day
Especially at work
Spent some time with my father
Pleasantly surprised my systar is in town
Catch up on old times
Shed a few tears & smiled for new life coming forth
Ate a couple of chicken wings
Laughed hysterically
Home at last
Not a moment went by today without him on my mind
Ready for my shower
Then off to pray and meditate
Good night world
Bonne nuit mon roi
Nob nala

Before I Slumber 3

Before I slumber 3
Today was good
I focused on my business
Posting and what not
Work was slow and easy
I thought about him all day
Still trying to make sense of this
It was suggested to let you go
But I’m not sure if I can
About to shower
Pray to the most high
Give thanks for his mercy & grace
Ask for protection for you
And direction for us
And go to sleep
Bonsoir monde
Bonsoir mon roi
Je me manqué lui
Nob Nala

Morning Poem 5

I don’t want to get up
Late night conversation with the BFF
Encouraging me to leave wall enough alone
Who can spend days without talking to the one they love
Unstable man
Unstable ways
Insecure at best
But I love him still
Sometimes God gives you what you want
But then we don’t know how to treat it
Life doesn’t stop
Steady moving forward
I pray that you catch up
I hoped that you’d be with me
Traveling the world
House in Dakar
A family
You and I
Promises you made
Tend to quickly fade
I wonder if this is why
She left
Why she never returned
Except for once
After 4yrs
I wonder
I ponder
I prepare for Senegal
December 2014
I pray you’re not there
I don’t like awkward things
Day started
Late post
I pray you’re well
I miss you the most

Before I slumber 2

Today was a better day

Work was work

Thoughts were put down on paper

Plans are being executed

I stopped and chatted with good friends

I hear the sound of an abundance of rain

Clouds rolled and the clouds cried

Lightening flashed winds blew

Shower fresh shea buttered down

Dog is snoring

Prayers & praises are going up

I’m laying my head down

Goodnight world

Bonsoir mon roi

Nob Nala