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Love Overboard

Love overboard
The love thing never leaves me bored
Hey nice to meet you
Late night text
Phone calls till 2
Days weeks and months
Pass us by you just might be alright
So I prepare let my guard down
Only to find the voice
On the other end of my phone
Is your wife

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me bored
1’s and 0’s
On and off
That’s the way our love goes
Damn near 20 years in
Let’s try this again
Quickly comes to a halt
Now your married to her
And your still trying to get in
Between my lips and my legs
But just like your marriage nigga count this as a double L
I stopped being for you in 2012

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me board
My heart and mind desire love
My heart and mind are also afraid to love
Vulnerability is cold and lonely
I don’t ask for much
Just warms arms to hold me
A heart & mind that loves me
A real man to support me
Encourage & promote me
A man who wants to me

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me bored
But it sure has left me lonely
So with my head held high
My heart aching to love
I continue on my journey
Until he someone is brave enough to
Choose me


A Buttery Future

I’m in the process of building my own business from the ground up making natural bath and body products. In the beginning I’ve let fear stand in my way from really just going head first in the products that I love and make. I would think about what if no one likes them, what if they don’t work and just all kinds of other foolishness that I shouldn’t let stop me. Besides, my family and friends who are my toughest critics would tell me right away if my products sucked lol!

I love shea butter so much! I’m always trying to get other people to try shea butter for dry skin and such. Some days I feel like a pusher or the person Kat Williams speaks of in Pimp Chronicles “man this Sh&t right ni##a is that crypt-a-chronolite”. About 3 weeks ago I have a 16oz jar of whipped shea butter to my best friend and now she’s absolutely hooked on shea butter!! I can’t wait to display my product line with it’s cute labels and jars. I see lots of butter going out of my door and loaves of bread $$ in my account

Until next time Divas Love everyday like its the last time.