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Je vous croyais
Je croyais en notre amour
Je croyais en votre mensonge
Il suffit de l’accepter, vous avez dit
Non, il vous aime ils ont dit
Ensuite, la vérité est révélée
Je me retrouve avec pas de réponse
aucune compréhension
aucune revoir
Il n’est pas tenu
rien du tout


Morning Poem 5

I don’t want to get up
Late night conversation with the BFF
Encouraging me to leave wall enough alone
Who can spend days without talking to the one they love
Unstable man
Unstable ways
Insecure at best
But I love him still
Sometimes God gives you what you want
But then we don’t know how to treat it
Life doesn’t stop
Steady moving forward
I pray that you catch up
I hoped that you’d be with me
Traveling the world
House in Dakar
A family
You and I
Promises you made
Tend to quickly fade
I wonder if this is why
She left
Why she never returned
Except for once
After 4yrs
I wonder
I ponder
I prepare for Senegal
December 2014
I pray you’re not there
I don’t like awkward things
Day started
Late post
I pray you’re well
I miss you the most

The distance of love

The distance of love is infinite
no barriers can stop it
no detours can delay its course
no man can block it
no matter you geographical location
love will always be there waiting for you

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

want vs need (Haiku)

Your presence I want
but your love is what I need
give me you my love