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Love Overboard

Love overboard
The love thing never leaves me bored
Hey nice to meet you
Late night text
Phone calls till 2
Days weeks and months
Pass us by you just might be alright
So I prepare let my guard down
Only to find the voice
On the other end of my phone
Is your wife

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me bored
1’s and 0’s
On and off
That’s the way our love goes
Damn near 20 years in
Let’s try this again
Quickly comes to a halt
Now your married to her
And your still trying to get in
Between my lips and my legs
But just like your marriage nigga count this as a double L
I stopped being for you in 2012

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me board
My heart and mind desire love
My heart and mind are also afraid to love
Vulnerability is cold and lonely
I don’t ask for much
Just warms arms to hold me
A heart & mind that loves me
A real man to support me
Encourage & promote me
A man who wants to me

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me bored
But it sure has left me lonely
So with my head held high
My heart aching to love
I continue on my journey
Until he someone is brave enough to
Choose me


It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a long time

since the last time I was held

hand to thigh

back to chest

lips to neck

leg to leg

intertwined betwixt these thighs of mine


It’s been a long time

since the last time I felt special

long distance love

face to face feels better

no more kisses through the phone

real kisses are much wetter

this is only temporary

weekend getaway

but I don’t want it to end


It’s been a long time

since I felt the way when I 1st loved you

I’ll just enjoy what this is now

too afraid to say lets give it another try

too afraid to say I still love you

and I couldn’t stop if I tried

but instead I’ll settle for this weekend visit

enjoy the laughs, the cuddles & the love

don’t want to mess up and crash


It’s been a long time

and I want to make these moments last


The beginning and the end of my day start the same

With an English/Nigerian accent

with a warm greeting & encouraging words

thoughts about business

we share the events of the day

then good morning or good night

we shall talk later





Je vous croyais
Je croyais en notre amour
Je croyais en votre mensonge
Il suffit de l’accepter, vous avez dit
Non, il vous aime ils ont dit
Ensuite, la vérité est révélée
Je me retrouve avec pas de réponse
aucune compréhension
aucune revoir
Il n’est pas tenu
rien du tout

Before I Slumber 9

Money us the root of all evil
Family + money = problems
No discussion only arguing
Tears shed no sympathy given
Got to make a move
It’s long over due
Spent the day handling business
Discussed my Africa trip
Can’t wait to see my fam
Spent the rest if the day with dad
Old G wisdom given
Background history given
Whipping up werk in the lab
Shea butter is the game
MoZaic is my name
Thoughts of him still fill my head
I need to see my love
I need to kiss his bald head
Let me get this butter done
So it can ship in the morning
Bonsoir world

Before I Slumber 8

I love the sound of the rain
The rumble of the thunder
The flash of the lightening
The calmness after the storm
Storms are necessary for the life process of growth.
Without the rain grass doesn’t grow life will wilt away
Without the wind dead leaves can’t blow away old branches can’t break away
Without the lightening there is no charge in your life positive or negative you need both to create a spark……….

Today there was minimal communication through text but communication none the less.
I will accept that for now
I still feel your spirit
I need to hear your voice
It’s late now
I’ve researched
I’ve listened to lectures
I’ve showered
And now I will sleep
Bonsoir mes Amis
Bonne nuit mon roi
Nob nala

Morning Poem 9

I woke up with expectation
I expected to see a message from you
But to my unsurprised there was nothing
Nothing but a few ran done emails
And one follower notification from Instagram
Yet I hold in to faith that you will once again communicate with me
You will finally call and say in sorry and I love you
My wishes may seen far fetched based upon the uncanny circumstances you stopped talking to me
But I believe God is bigger than your unbelief
Off to church I go to give honor to the one who sustains
Good day world
Let’s get this day moving

Before I Slumber 6

Lazy day today and a reflective one at that
I couldn’t resist I had to text you
I apologize if I caused you stress
I miss you and I love you
Nothing too long but just enough
For you to know that I’m thinking of you
No response was given
And I’m ok with that
I just wish could just here you say I’m ok
Shared dinner with my father
Sat on the porch with my homie KeKe
Came home and chatted with business contacts
Now I’m preparing for a shower than off to bed
Good night world
Bon nuit mon roi
Nob nala

Morning Poem 8

Awaken by dongs and bells from my phone
It was my BFF sending me massages
She wants she’s butter and salt scrubs
So her body will be fresh and soft
Demands thrown at me to where only white to the wedding
I digress
I dreamed I was a woman getting married but I don’t know to who then I left on a plane to France to with my husband
I dreamed I saw you and we locked eyes I said I missed you and you just turned off the computer screen
Please don’t shut me out
I love you
I pray this dream was just scare me
I pray it’s not a representation of reality
God I need you to fix this
But only if it’s your will
Good day world
Happy Saturday

Before I Slumber 5

Today was a good day

I slept in

I washed clothes

Spent time with friends

Spent time with my father

The night came full circle

good friends good laughs

Bonfire and drum circle

The fire, the djembe and congas

Ignited memories of you

I shed a few tears as I glared into the fire

I miss you

My heart aches for you

God I just want to know why

I need to hear your voice & see your face

I love you

So now I prepare for bed