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I’m Tired

I’m tired…..
tired of being the one who everyone depends on
the one who is always there when no one else isn’t
the one who is selfless with her love & time
only to be hurt, let down, run over, looked over & ignored
when I need someone the most.

Im tired….God I’m so tired
sometimes I swear he doesn’t hear me
I’m trying to hold myself together but
some days I’m so close to a breakdown
but I refuse to let that happen to me

I need to break free from the energy leeches
called friends family & church folks
I need to focus on me but its hard living in
a house where I can find no solidarity for me
From the time I walk in the door demands are
being made on me to help with this or help
with that & if I don’t I have to hear the
yelling and name calling that follows

I’m tired yes I’m really tired
I need a way of escape
God please help me

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#Random_Notes 2

Beneath the sight of God
we demand what we don’t deserve
glorify the lust of our flesh
and eat the fruits of which we did not labor.
Yet, we still call ourselves kingdom minded…….

Hear My Call – Jill Scott

This song by Jill really ministers to the core of your soul. When I first heard it I played it over and over for hours. Most would think that this song is about a break up from a past lover, but it goes so much more deeper than that. This song is cry of desperation to God for guidance and clarity after those you love have burned you. It doesn’t matter if it was your mother, brother, or past lover we’ve all been taken advantage of by someone who was suppose to love us. So, shout out to Jill Scott for ministering this song to my soul!


Sometimes you do things I dont understand
Sometimes you say things I cannot comprehend
Sometimes you lead me places I don’t wanna go
Sometimes you give me things I dont deserve
but I do know I always find safety in your hands

My Rap for 2011

Im leavin twenty ten God has destin me to win
With new businesses & a few new friends
you’ll find me in my kitchen
whippin up sum shea butta
I gotta grind myself so you wont find me in the gutta.

I wanna bless the kingdom so im tryna make some chedder.
I got 2 loaves bread God put his hands on it,
So Im making big dough, all legal, no leaven
So this my Rap for twenty eleven
Lets get right so we can all go to heaven

You – Terza Rima 2

Just because he loves me he gave me you
Not because I’m worthy he gave me you
So because he’s worthy I praise him for you

It is what it is

God’s Word NEVER returns void!!!
He promised me something & no
one can take it away!! So, do
all you can, fight with all your
might, it is what it is!!
Because God said it thats
what it is

Deadly distraction

You prayed and asked God to send you the one
The one who makes u smile for no reason the one who loves you unconditionally the one who can fulfill the need for a wife in your life

God is a keeper of his word so he sends her to you. Its almost unbelievable how she fits the description of what you asked for!! She loves you genuinely, cares for you like a King, caters to your every need

Then out of the blue comes a deadly distraction from your past purposely sent to kill your blessing, to block what God has for you, to destroy your destiny, & your purpose

Not realizing the person is a distraction you try to take care of scenario presented to you. In the meantime you slowly and quickly shut out your blessing causing it to slowly wilt from the hurt and pain you’ve unintentionally gave to it.

So, now your attracted to a deadly distraction created to kill your future, still your joy and block your blessing! Will you let it destroy what you’ve asked , prayed, and cried for or will you take a stand and claim what’s rightfully yours

Hanging on by a word

I’m hanging on by a word
a word that speaks life
into my dead situation
a word that changes my
Rainy nights into morning light

I’m hanging on by a word
a word that never fails
a word without limits

I’m hanging on by a word
a word that sets me free
breaking chains that hold me
tears down strongholds that
block me & destroys the
yokes that burden me

I’m hanging on by a word
a word that restores the joy
of past hurts, Loves me beyond
my faults. A word that is Holy
righteous & pure. A word above
all names & that word is



Today is the beginning of new day! Another chance to make things right with God! A day to meet new people, go new places, and discover new things.

Well, today is also another day I have him! Yup thats right I said him and he’s awesomely wonderful.

I’m so excited about the new future I have ahead of me in my spiritual life, my business and with this loving man I now call my own. I’m moving ahead with things I’ve wanted to get done and I’m going places I wanted to see.

Im so excited about what God has for me I don’t know where to start! All I know is the God that I serve is Awesome, All knowing, he’s a provider, a  healer, a friend, a mother, a father, he’s all that I’ll ever need. Yet, he saw it in his will to bless me in spite of my wrong and I cant do nothing but give him praise!!!

God I love you