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Rich & Po

Rich nigga bought his sistah a Corolla, dat nigga is ballin he wrong as hell for that

Po nigga bought his sistah some Jordan’s, now dats love my nigga, his sister gone fly on da bus.

Rich nigga making economical choices, lives in economical housing.
Dat nigga frontin he aint doin it like that.

Po nigga buyin used rolls royces, lives with keysha in section 8 housing.
Dat nigga is sho nuff ballin he stay havin da hoes callin

Rich nigga dress like he been thrift shoppin except for da Rolex he be rockin. Dat nigga got all dat money and be bummy everyday

Po nigga dress like his mix tape went double platinum, nobody know one song but he swear poppin

Rich nigga, Po nigga, which one is you & which one is me.


Love Overboard

Love overboard
The love thing never leaves me bored
Hey nice to meet you
Late night text
Phone calls till 2
Days weeks and months
Pass us by you just might be alright
So I prepare let my guard down
Only to find the voice
On the other end of my phone
Is your wife

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me bored
1’s and 0’s
On and off
That’s the way our love goes
Damn near 20 years in
Let’s try this again
Quickly comes to a halt
Now your married to her
And your still trying to get in
Between my lips and my legs
But just like your marriage nigga count this as a double L
I stopped being for you in 2012

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me board
My heart and mind desire love
My heart and mind are also afraid to love
Vulnerability is cold and lonely
I don’t ask for much
Just warms arms to hold me
A heart & mind that loves me
A real man to support me
Encourage & promote me
A man who wants to me

Love overboard
This love thing never leaves me bored
But it sure has left me lonely
So with my head held high
My heart aching to love
I continue on my journey
Until he someone is brave enough to
Choose me

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a long time

since the last time I was held

hand to thigh

back to chest

lips to neck

leg to leg

intertwined betwixt these thighs of mine


It’s been a long time

since the last time I felt special

long distance love

face to face feels better

no more kisses through the phone

real kisses are much wetter

this is only temporary

weekend getaway

but I don’t want it to end


It’s been a long time

since I felt the way when I 1st loved you

I’ll just enjoy what this is now

too afraid to say lets give it another try

too afraid to say I still love you

and I couldn’t stop if I tried

but instead I’ll settle for this weekend visit

enjoy the laughs, the cuddles & the love

don’t want to mess up and crash


It’s been a long time

and I want to make these moments last


The beginning and the end of my day start the same

With an English/Nigerian accent

with a warm greeting & encouraging words

thoughts about business

we share the events of the day

then good morning or good night

we shall talk later





We love the same things
and we come from the same womb
child of Africa


When a gazelle is born on the great plains of the African savannah it must learn to stand up and run immediately…..

There’s no time to rest and barely anytime to eat you have to get up on your feet and run.. There are lions and cheetahs lying in the brush waiting to devour you and hyenas and jackels waiting to pick up the scraps of what’s left of you….

When a black man is born in the cities of america he has to learn how to stand up and run immediately……

There is no time rest or to eat physically and mentally. a fast food service type of life was created for you and you have to get up on your feet and run.. Fast money, fast cars clothes and a whole bunch of fast hoes are presented you.

There are powers and principalities trying to block you, corporations trying to sell you, politicians trying to jail you, entertainment companies trying to pimp you, educational systems trying to fool you, Court systems trying control you, police trying to arrest you, white men trying to profile you, your brother trying to kill you, your community doesn’t support you, your father keeps leaving you, your mother replaces her man with you, society is afraid of you, your own women dont know how to love you, your children are constantly looking for you, I said your children are constantly looking for you, the hood wants to silence you, prisons want to buy you & devour whats left you and my brother I just want you to see the king in you!

Aren’t you tired of running? Don’t you realize you have been chased all your life? When will you turn around and fight? When will you take back your life? When will you take back your children and family? When will getting in between the legs of women becomes less important than getting in between the pages of a book? when will you choose knowledge over worldstar hiphop, when will you stop being a pawn and make moves like a rook, When will you stand your ground for yourself & your people?

Take back your throne black man replace your fitted and du rag for your crown? Pull your damn pants up and trade them for your priestly robe. You were not born a gazelle you were born a lion the king and if you would just stop running you could reign supreme.

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Educate your mind
Release the chains of freedumb
Independence Day


Untitled 12 en Francais pour mon amour


Il est beau …………………………

Peau de chocolat noir embrassée par le soleil, il est un roi, d’Afrique par le sang, un homme par l’ADN, mon amour par la foi et tout ce que j’espérais par dessein divin. J’ai entendu parler de lui sur un jour, j’ai reçu un avocat pour moi, alors je l’imaginais entre les lignes du papier dans mon journal, il a été écrit en mots et formé par phrases, avant que j’aie jamais vu son visage, il était tout simplement parfait pour moi , développé en Dieux de chambre noire de film fait de poussière et je l’ai aimé, même si je ne le connaissais pas, mais je savais qu’il était le mien.

Je ne cherchais pas pour lui ………………………..

Il manifesta devant mes yeux sur un matin d’hivers frais sous le lever du soleil sénégalais c’était comme voir un bébé nouveau-né pour la première fois, j’étais en admiration devant lui et je ne pouvais pas détacher mes yeux de lui. Je l’ai étudié comme si c’était la semaine de finales et j’étais déterminé à ace son test, non, ce n’était pas de session de caser ce n’était recherche à part entière, à double interligne, 10 pages de format APA des sources crédibles Voir j’étais sérieux au sujet de cette mission.

Il est comme un rêve pour moi ………….

Il est tout ce que j’espérais douce dans la nature, mais tout homme à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur. Aimer et encore genre d’entreprise avec ses mots et sa main. Il aime Dieu et de sa famille, il opère dans ses dons donnés par Dieu, je lui fais confiance comme si je l’ai toujours su. Il n’ya pas de peur à chaque fois qu’il est proche, c’est mon guerrier prière, le prêtre de ma maison, mon protecteur, mon enveloppe, le l’amant de mon corps et l’esprit, et je suis sa reine dévouée

Il est vrai …………

Il existe vraiment …. Pas agendas cachés, pas de jeux, pas de mensonges, pas de si et de mais. Pas Juste lui et moi, et les promesses que nous avons fait à l’autre qui se déroule devant nos yeux, l’amour pur pur

Untitled 12



He’s beautiful…………………………

Dark chocolate skin kissed by the sun, he is a King, African by blood, a man by DNA, my love by faith and all that I hoped for by divine purpose. I heard about him on a day i received counsel for myself, then I imagined him in between the lines of the paper in my journal, he was written into words and formed by sentences, before i ever saw his face he was picture perfect to me, developed in Gods dark room from film made of dust and i loved him even though i didn’t  know him, but i knew he was mine.  
I wasn’t looking for him………………………..
He manifested before my eyes on a cool winters morning under the Senegalese sunrise it was like seeing a new born baby for the first time I was in awe of him & I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I studied him like it was finals week and I was determined to ace his test, no this was no cram session this was full fledged research, double spaced, 10 pages APA format with credible sources  See I was serious about this assignment.
He’s like a dream to me………….
He’s everything I hoped for gentle in nature, but all man inside and out. Loving and kind yet firm with his words and his hand. He loves God and his family, he operates in his God given gifts, I trust him as if I’ve always known him. There’s no fear whenever he is near, he’s my praying warrior, the priest of my household, my protector, my covering, the the lover of my mind and body and I am his devoted queen
He’s real…………
He really does exist ….No hidden agendas, No games, No lies, No ifs and No buts. Just him and I and the promises we made to each other unfolding before our eyes, pure unadulterated love

I Wish He Knew

Mind twisted & boggled
By the mention of your name
While in your presence I suffer….
From a state of euphoric pleasure
That can only be likened to a drug like high
You have me stoned….
I call you my kryptonite
Nothing else matters
All fears & worries are gone
Whenever I’m near you
You have my undivided attention
But I wish there was one thing that you knew
I wish he knew that
When he speaks his voice paralyzes me
And his poetic banter homilies & similes
Make sweet love to my ear drums causing
Orgasmic eruptions in my mind.
I wish he knew that
He was and is the reason my poetry I started readin
I wish he knew
That I hang on to every haiku, every sonnet, & free verse
He’s ever spoken in my presence
As if he’s written them just for me
I wish he knew
That sometimes it’s really more than
His words that I’m attracted to
but the large frame of his body the detail of his physique
the one on one conversations when we speak
I wish he knew that his stage presence sends
Electrifying chills down my spine when I see him
I wish he knew that
My mind won’t allow me to tell him
So I’ll just keep my school girlish
Crush to myself snap & clap when
I see you on stage yell out rewind when
You say a dope line and still wish he knew