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Viola Davis is Beautiful

I so love this video I found!!! Its an open letter (Poem) to Wendy Williams reflecting on her comments about #NaturalHair.

#NaturalHair is Beautful!!! and if you don’t like what God created or think you have to change what he made perfect then something is wrong with YOU. It doesn’t matter if you’re relaxed or natural God made everything about us PERFECT, but the problem is those who feel #NaturalHair is dirty or nasty looking that need to check themselves because they are degrading themselves #IJS


my hair


Call it what you want
Analyze it and catagorize it
Wear it style it just don’t

Perm it

Its my life my freedom
Its apart of a great kingdom
It tells stories of queens
Gives dissertations on Kings

Represents a struggle
The toughness of my people
The wiry knotty past of lives
Lost from slavery past

It exudes God given beauty
That can’t be duplicated
Only imitated through cheap
Paint spread upon white faces

Its my hair my culture my covering
Its mine and no one can take it away