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What the Waka Flocka is going on with 50 cent

I was on the phone with my sistar today and she just started gasping and hysterically saying OMG over and over. I asked her what was wrong and she said 50 Cent looked like a crack head or a cancer patient!! I told her ok well calm down, thinking to myself it cant be that dang bad! So, I went to the internet and logged in to and boy was I in for the shock of my life.

I almost cried looking at him because his face is so sunken in and his tattoos are gone!!! 50 lost this weight for an upcoming movie role he is in. I understand doing things to get a part in a movie but this is darn ridiculous!!! Well, he is really serious about his acting career just like all his other business ventures I see. 50 is my secret boyfriend lol I absolutely love this man! His business sense, swagger and well his sexy body of course!! Fifty holla at ya girl I have business proposition I need to run past ya!! No for real I’m serious I need to get my bath and body products off the ground!

Well, I pray that he gets his weight back up after this movie!! It makes me sad to see him like this……………..

When Im use to seeing him like this

50 stay healthy I don’t want you to get sick!!!

See yall,