Rich & Po

Rich nigga bought his sistah a Corolla, dat nigga is ballin he wrong as hell for that

Po nigga bought his sistah some Jordan’s, now dats love my nigga, his sister gone fly on da bus.

Rich nigga making economical choices, lives in economical housing.
Dat nigga frontin he aint doin it like that.

Po nigga buyin used rolls royces, lives with keysha in section 8 housing.
Dat nigga is sho nuff ballin he stay havin da hoes callin

Rich nigga dress like he been thrift shoppin except for da Rolex he be rockin. Dat nigga got all dat money and be bummy everyday

Po nigga dress like his mix tape went double platinum, nobody know one song but he swear poppin

Rich nigga, Po nigga, which one is you & which one is me.


About MoZaic Star

Hi this is MoZaic Star I love to write poetry and blog about natural hair and anything else I have on my mind

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